Kid's Club


Kid's Club Rules and Policies

  1. Age limits are 6 weeks to 12 years of age
  2. No sick child/children can be in Kid's Club
  3. Kid's Club is limited to 90 minutes per day.
  4. Kid's Club is for Platinum/VIP and Family members only (excludes past Gold members who do have Kid's Club).
  5. Only the father/mother or legal guardian may sign in and sign out child/children. The same person must sign the child in and out. 
  6. Member must be in good standing with picture on file to use Kid's Club. 
  7. If a child cries for a prolonged period of time or needs changing, a Kid's Club staff member will contact the parent. 
  8. No feeding or changing of diapers is done in Kid's Club. 
  9. Children (of age) must be potty trained and able to use facilities. 
  10. Kid's Club is subject to the hours posted and capacity requirements.