Club Rules and Policies 

  1. Proper gym attire is required- No jeans, Sports bra/crop top, open toed shoes or sandals, work boots, or  any clothing with profanity.

  2. No gym bags are allowed on the gym floor. 

  3. No dropping or slamming weights. -noise is normal, slamming or dropping from distance is not. 

  4. No yelling, excessive grunting, or profanity.- Be respectful of others. 

  5. Rack all weights and wipe down equipment after each use.- Again, be respectful to others. 

  6. NO FIREARMS, WEAPONS, OR ILLEGAL DRUGS. -Zero tolerance, no warnings. (excludes on duty Law Enforcement)

  7. NO photography or filming in the facility or locker rooms. Zero tolerance, no warnings.

  8. NO one under the age of 12 is allowed on the gym floor. Anyone under the age of 16 (with valid membership) must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian at all times. 

Billing and Accounts

Account Fees:

  • Biweekly Dues- We bill all accounts (outside of paid in fulls) biweekly (every other Friday) This amount is determined by your plan type. 

  • Club Enhancement Fee ($39.99)-Billed one time, 30 days after enrollment. Fee funds new and replacement equipment. 

  • Account Maintenance Fee ($16.99)- Billed biannually starting 180 days after enrollment and every 180 days thereafter. 


  • Paid in Full- All dues and fees paid upfront for the entire term. Often comes with additional membership time for free. See club for details. 

  • EFT Discount- A $4.00 reduction in dues for providing EFT billing information(account and routing numbers)

Freeze/Suspend Account:

  • All members are eligible to freeze their account for up to 6 months at a time. 

  • Member must be current and in good standing. 

  • A freeze fee of up to $2.50 biweekly may be assessed. This fee is waived/reduced under some circumstances. See club for details. 

  • Freezes do not count towards contract time. If you freeze with 8 months on your term contract, you will have 8 months when you unfreeze. 

  • Accounts will automatically reactivate after freeze term elapses. 

  • Club Enhancement/Account Maintenance fees DO NOT FREEZE and will be billed on schedule. 

  • There is a 7-10 day start time for all freezes/unfreezes.


  • Accounts are billed biweekly and are required to have current and valid billing information. 

  • In the event a payment is missed and automated email will be sent. After this calls will be placed on a weekly basis to the number on file. 

  • To update your billing simply call/visit the club or go to

  • Accounts that are unable to be processed for more than 75 days are placed with First Credit Services. To resolve please contact them for assistance. 

  • If you BELIEVE your account was sent in error, please contact us at and we will conduct a thorough investigation into your account.

Billings Issues and questions:

  • Please read through this FAQ thoroughly. If you still need assistance contact us and we will reach out within 48 hours. 

Cancellation Options:

  • Cancellations are handled in the club Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

  • Member must be in good standing in order to cancel. 

  • Cancellations require a 30 day notice. All dues and fees during this notice are collected at time of cancel to ensure automatic drafts are stopped. 

  • If you have left the area and are unable to come in you may also cancel via certified mail. To get started simply follow these steps:

    • Send a certified letter to: 

Gold’s Gym Tennessee, LLC Corporate Office 

c/o Cancellations

P.O. Box 12023

Murfreesboro, TN 37129



Guest Policy

  • No one is allowed in the club without completing and signing a guest waiver. Please see front desk upon arrival to facility. 

  • All guests must either be on a Guest Pass (provided by facility) or pay for a day pass. 

  • Day passes are $15 per day or $25 per week. See club for additional details.